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This is a new international course on tidal and wave energy, Saliniety Gradient Power and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, organised by Stichting Post Academisch and MET-support.

Learning goals Marine Energy Technologies course
In this course you will learn:

  • To understand the available technologies for marine energy and asses the feasibility of the various forms such as wave energy and tidal energy;
  • principles of operation, the design philosophies,┬áconstruction, installation and maintenance;
  • how various feed-in systems work in the Netherlands, but also UK, France and Canada;
  • how to asses resource potential;
  • how to develop your own business case model.



This course is targeting engineers, policy makers, regulators and financial experts concerning renewable energy projects, energy companies, marine and energy consultants in the North Sea area.


Interested? Find out more here.



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