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KnipselInternational Master Course (IMC2015 Pro-Tide)

Assessing tidal energy device performance from laboratory tests and in situ monitoring


29 September 2015

CCI CO, 98 Bd. Gambetta

Boulogne-sur-Mer, France


Mission Statement

To facilitate a rich exchange of knowledge between academia, industry, and research societies in seeking solutions and promoting renewable tidal energy production worldwide.



Since James Watt improved the efficiency of steam engines, the human civilization relies more and more on a steady supply of energy. Today we are at a transitional age. On one hand, we see technology advances in the exploration of fossil resources. On the other hand, we see emergence of the future’s new energy structure. This Master course is about tidal energy challenges. The topics include issues related to tidal power technology currently used and under development, efficiency, safety, cost …, It is about the tidal energy future.

The purpose is to gain a broad picture about tidal energy challenges and technology performance by sharing experience of researches and engineers developing and exploiting tidal energy devices in European coastal seas.



The Master Course venue is the city Boulogne-sur-Mer, one of the biggest fishing port of France, easily accessible from UK, Belgium, Netherlands. It will be hosted in CCI of Boulogne.


Who should attend?

Attendees include engineers, students-engineers, PhD students, scientists, ecologists, administrators and policy advisers etc, in all fields relate to marine energy challenges and solutions.
Participation is free, no registration fee. Participants should secure their own travel and accommodation expenses.


Master Course Day Programme

09:30 Arrival Registration Meet and greet with coffee and tea

10:00 Welcome by organizers

10:30-12:30 Presentations


12:30-13h30 Lunch


13:30-15:30 Presentations

15:30-15:50 Coffee break

15:50-16:30 Open discussion, conclusions, future actions

16:30 End of the Master Course



Expected speakers

Name Affiliation Topic/Title
Cuan Boake ARR Ltd & King’s University Belfast, UK SeaGen: Resource quantification, assessing of performance and impact
Dr. Jacob van Berkel Eindhoven University of Technology, NL Selecting the best technique for ultra low head tidal Power schemes: Case TPP Brouwersdam (NL)
  1. Sentchev & R. Notelé
LOG, FR & Seakanal, BE Testing tidal turbines in Sea Schelde
Lisa MacKenzie EMEC, UK Testing devices at EMEC site
Dr. Grégory Germain Ifremer Boulogne, France Testing scaled tidal turbine performance: comparison of experiments in a tank and modelling results
Dr. M Le Boulleuc Ifremer, Plouzané, France Harnessing tidal flow energy: return from experience in France
Dr. Jacob van Berkel Eindhoven University of Technology, NL Scale 1:10 testing of tidal turbines on fish friendliness and performance
Antoine Libaux EDF, France La Rance TPP and tidal lagoon (to be confirmed)


Registration: click here.

OR just send e-mail with your Name and Affiliation to

Alexei.sentchev@univ-littoral.fr ; francois.schmitt@cnrs.fr



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